Is not good movie and is a waste of money down the drain

By pebbles83
Written August 21, 2007
Im warning everyone to not watch it and if your curious just rent it better or borrow it, plus Tego Calderon sucks as an actor and it looks like any other typical ganster movie but its like a copy the only thing that is different are the actors but I rather watch Goodfellas or Empire than this.
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By bronxhaus
Written August 24, 2007
Yo people, listen up. i went to see this today and this movie is ALL THAT! This is my new scarface joint. this was hot! i'm definitely gonna see it again!
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By que_no
Written August 24, 2007
i saw this movie in a screening they had 4 months ago..and i liked it then...i cant wait to see it again...its cool...millie(wanda de jesus) is so hott and sexy and BAD ASS!!! id watch it again...just to see her...
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What movie did YOU go see?

By MGarcia22
Written August 26, 2007
Cause this **** was so lame. I never thought that a film reppin Boricuas was gonna turn out to be such an exploitative mess. Wow. It's like the most unbelievable pile of crap I ever saw in my life. Where's the story here. Sounds like this dude is into recycling his same ole scenario when it comes to Puerto Ricans. I wasted my money on this garbage thinking I was helping us out. It's bad enough that the US has this gun issue, and here we have a pistol-packin' "mama" with the charisma of a doorknob absolutely keeping her family uniformed as to how the fk they got all this money in the first place. I went to see it cause of Tego, but he's no Mos Def. He had some flair, but this story was such an annoying piece of sop. No telenovela?! Please. This **** wouldn't even come out on Spanish-language TV even at night. Morenos had to contend with that disastrous movie "Belly" and now we Boricuas are stuck with this Illegal Blunder. STR8 BASURA (Garbage)!
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Worth the money

By alkidamianj
Written September 02, 2007
The movie was awesome.
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