Ilka Chase
Date of Birth
Apr 08, 1903
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1960 Henry Silva Ocean's Eleven
1960 Red Skelton Ocean's Eleven
1960 Cesar Romero Ocean's Eleven
1960 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Ocean's Eleven
1960 George Raft Ocean's Eleven
1960 George E. Stone Ocean's Eleven
1960 Frank Sinatra Ocean's Eleven
1960 Dean Martin Ocean's Eleven
1960 Hoot Gibson Ocean's Eleven
1960 Akim Tamiroff Ocean's Eleven
1960 Richard Conte Ocean's Eleven
1960 Angie Dickinson Ocean's Eleven
1960 Norman Fell Ocean's Eleven
1960 Sammy Davis Jr. Ocean's Eleven
1960 Don "Red" Barry Ocean's Eleven
1960 Joey Bishop Ocean's Eleven
1960 Robert Foulk Ocean's Eleven
1960 Shirley MacLaine Ocean's Eleven
1960 Charles Meredith Ocean's Eleven
1960 Peter Lawford Ocean's Eleven
1960 John Holland Ocean's Eleven
1960 John Indrisano Ocean's Eleven
1955 Jean Hagen The Big Knife
1955 Strother Martin The Big Knife
1955 Jack Palance The Big Knife
1955 Robert Emhardt The Big Knife
1955 Richard Boone The Big Knife
1955 Wesley Addy The Big Knife
1955 Wendell Corey The Big Knife
1955 Bill Walker The Big Knife
1955 Ida Lupino The Big Knife
1955 Mel Welles The Big Knife
1955 Everett Sloane The Big Knife
1955 Rod Steiger The Big Knife
1955 Shelley Winters The Big Knife
1955 Duke Ellington Masquerade Party
1954 Judy Holliday It Should Happen to You
1954 Jack Kruschen It Should Happen to You
1954 Peter Lawford It Should Happen to You
1954 Jack Lemmon It Should Happen to You
1954 Michael O'Shea It Should Happen to You
1954 Constance Bennett It Should Happen to You
1954 Wendy Barrie It Should Happen to You
1954 Melville Cooper It Should Happen to You
1954 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Johnny Dark
1954 Paul Kelly Johnny Dark
1954 Don Taylor Johnny Dark
1954 Russell Johnson Johnny Dark
1954 Tony Curtis Johnny Dark
1954 Scatman Crothers Johnny Dark
1954 Piper Laurie Johnny Dark
1954 Joe Sawyer Johnny Dark
1954 Gig Young Tonight at 8:30
1954 Ginger Rogers Tonight at 8:30
1954 Maggie Hayes Tonight at 8:30
1954 Trevor Howard Tonight at 8:30
1954 Estelle Winwood Tonight at 8:30
1948 Wanda Hendrix Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Elizabeth Patterson Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Richard Haydn Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Leif Erickson Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Barry Fitzgerald Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Mitchell Leisen Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Ray Milland Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Monty Woolley Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Robert Stack Miss Tatlock's Millions
1948 Dorothy Stickney Miss Tatlock's Millions
1943 Walter Soderling No Time for Love
1943 Woody Strode No Time for Love
1943 Mickey Simpson No Time for Love
1943 Pat West No Time for Love
1943 John Kelly No Time for Love
1943 Rhys Williams No Time for Love
1943 Alan Hale, Jr. No Time for Love
1943 Fred MacMurray No Time for Love
1943 Rod Cameron No Time for Love
1943 Claudette Colbert No Time for Love
1943 George Dolenz No Time for Love
1943 Bill Goodwin No Time for Love
1943 Lorin Raker No Time for Love
1943 Richard Haydn No Time for Love
1943 June Havoc No Time for Love
1942 Lee Patrick Now, Voyager
1942 Franklin Pangborn Now, Voyager
1942 Claude Rains Now, Voyager
1942 Bette Davis Now, Voyager
1942 Gladys Cooper Now, Voyager
1942 Reed Hadley Now, Voyager
1942 Bonita Granville Now, Voyager
1942 Georges Renavent Now, Voyager
1942 Mary Field Now, Voyager
1942 Paul Henreid Now, Voyager
1942 Charlotte Wynters Now, Voyager
1942 Mary Wickes Now, Voyager
1942 Dorothy Vaughan Now, Voyager
1942 Ian Wolfe Now, Voyager
1942 Isabel Withers Now, Voyager
1939 Rita Johnson Stronger Than Desire
1939 Walter Pidgeon Stronger Than Desire
1939 Ann E. Todd Stronger Than Desire
1939 Richard Lane Stronger Than Desire
1939 Phil Tead Stronger Than Desire
1939 Virginia Bruce Stronger Than Desire
1939 Ann Dvorak Stronger Than Desire
1939 Lee Bowman Stronger Than Desire
1939 John Hamilton Stronger Than Desire
1939 Reed Hadley Stronger Than Desire
1936 Mary Gordon The Lady Consents
1936 Stepin Fetchit The Lady Consents
1936 Edward Ellis The Lady Consents
1936 Willie Best The Lady Consents
1936 Herbert Marshall The Lady Consents
1936 Margaret Lindsay The Lady Consents
1936 Ann Harding The Lady Consents
1936 Walter Connolly Soak the Rich
1936 Lionel Stander Soak the Rich
1932 Henry Stephenson The Animal Kingdom
1932 Florence Turner The Animal Kingdom
1932 Leslie Howard The Animal Kingdom
1932 Myrna Loy The Animal Kingdom
1932 William Gargan The Animal Kingdom
1932 Neil Hamilton The Animal Kingdom
1932 Ann Harding The Animal Kingdom
1931 Purnell Pratt The Gay Diplomat
1931 George Irving The Gay Diplomat
1931 Betty Compson The Gay Diplomat
1931 John St. Polis The Gay Diplomat
1931 Genevieve Tobin The Gay Diplomat
1931 George Brent Once a Sinner
1931 Clara Blandick Once a Sinner
1931 Joel McCrea Once a Sinner
1931 Dorothy Mackaill Once a Sinner
1931 John Halliday Once a Sinner
1931 Genevieve Tobin Woman Pursued
1931 Betty Compson Woman Pursued
1930 Frank Morgan Fast and Loose
1930 Miriam Hopkins Fast and Loose
1930 Charles Starrett Fast and Loose
1930 Carole Lombard Fast and Loose
1930 Walter Catlett The Floradora Girl
1930 Marion Davies The Floradora Girl
1930 Sam Hardy The Florodora Girl
1930 Walter Catlett The Florodora Girl
1930 Marion Davies The Florodora Girl
1930 Anita Louise The Florodora Girl
1930 ZaSu Pitts Free Love
1930 Conrad Nagel Free Love
1930 Genevieve Tobin Free Love
1930 George "Slim" Summerville Free Love
1930 George Irving Free Love
1930 Jack Mulhall The Golden Calf
1930 Walter Catlett The Golden Calf
1930 Larry Steers Let's Go Places
1930 Betty Grable Let's Go Places
1930 Lola Lane Let's Go Places
1930 Walter Catlett Let's Go Places
1930 Irene Rich On Your Back
1930 H.B. Warner On Your Back
1930 Alan Hale Red Hot Rhythm
1929 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Careless Age
1929 Loretta Young The Careless Age
1929 Ann Harding Paris Bound
1929 George Irving Paris Bound
1929 Fredric March Paris Bound
1929 Constance Bennett Rich People
1929 Regis Toomey Rich People
1929 Charles Bickford South Sea Rose
1929 Roscoe Ates South Sea Rose
1929 John Farrell MacDonald South Sea Rose
1929 Elizabeth Patterson South Sea Rose
1929 Ben Hall South Sea Rose
1929 Dot Farley Why Leave Home?
1929 Walter Catlett Why Leave Home?
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