a total waste of an evening! :( 2/10

By stylized
Written July 27, 2007
My sweet husband got us free passes from his office to see the premiere of "I Know Who Killed Me". I'm a huge fan of thrillers and the last Lindsay Lohan flick I saw was "Mean Girls" and the film was funny enough. I don't care too much about the fact that Miss Lohan's had some troubles with the law lately; as long as she performs well in movies I think her personal life should not be confused with what's on the screen. However, I could not get into Lohan's acting at all! She really killed - sorry for the pun - the creativity of this entire movie. All the other performances were great, and you could tell that all the other actors and actresses were very dedicated to this film. But Lindsay seemed bored, annoyed, and, well, very actress-y. I am in no way a performer of any kind, but I know bad acting when I see it. She made everything so one-dimensional and stiff. I made a Fandango account JUST to warn others about how bad this movie is! Please, avoid it at all costs.
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By cherrygirl03
Written July 30, 2007
i liked this movie. i'm not a lohan fan by a long shot, but the plot make me curious and i saw it the say it came out. i wasnt completely disappointed, but the movie left me wanting more. i think people just didnt like the movie because of lindsay's personal life. seems like some people are basing the movie on what she does in her personal time. do i think she's made bad decision? yes. do i think she deverse to go to jail for the stupidness? yes. do i think her movie was 1/2 decent? yes. should she have practiced more on her pole dancing? yes. is she a bad person? no. she's just young and dumb and likes to have fun. people should stop focusing on her personal life and just watch the movie as if she were an up and coming actress instead of the train wreck that she is.
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Don't see it!

By chasicle
Written July 25, 2007
If you do, you're only supporting people who belong in jail. Honestly, how can you be blessed with mediocre looks and crappy acting skills and get so much money, then blow it on alcohol and cocaine? People are bound to catch on to the fact that she's butt ugly and sucks at acting. Her career is over.
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Honestly Bad

By Pyr0_b0t
Written July 24, 2007
When I saw this movie I expected to be a pretty good thriller, but my dreams were dashed and it turned out to be one of the worst movies I have this year and in my top 25 worst movies of all time. Lohan's acting is really quite poor and the rest of the cast doesn't help either. I felt that the whole movie was just one really long and and drawn out. The worst part is that the climax wasn't even very surprising to me at all. SKIP IT!
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stupid plot brings on the lulz

By the smiths rule
Written July 27, 2007
here it is care of IMDB users who saw it on Wednesday night: "I just got back from an advance screening, no *beep* This movie was awful. A billion different scenes that didn't fit together at all... And if your thinking of going to watch it to check out Lindsay stripping, stay home and watch Sin City instead... Her dancing was awful." "Dakota and Aubrey are identical twins separated at birth. One becomes a scholar and the other a stripper. When Aubrey is abducted and tortured Dakota receives the same wounds. And the killer was Aubrey's piano teacher from the beginning of the movie." "Aubrey was buried in the woods alive. Dakota digs her up in the end and they cuddle (seriously) on the ground before the end credits roll. She doesn't die." "In one scene Dakota's finger randomly falls off while dancing (she's wearing gloves but she takes them off after her show). Then she goes home and sews it back on. It's ridiculous." there, saved you all some moolah and some time!
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