I Know Who Killed Me Synopsis
A young woman claims to be someone else after she is rescued from a sadistic kidnapper.
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a total waste of an evening! :( 2/10

By stylized
My sweet husband got us free passes from his office to see the premiere of "I Know Who Killed Me". I'm a huge fan of thrillers and the last Lindsay Lohan flick I saw was "Mean Girls" and the film was...


By cherrygirl03
i liked this movie. i'm not a lohan fan by a long shot, but the plot make me curious and i saw it the say it came out. i wasnt completely disappointed, but the movie left me wanting more. i think...

Don't see it!

By chasicle
If you do, you're only supporting people who belong in jail. Honestly, how can you be blessed with mediocre looks and crappy acting skills and get so much money, then blow it on alcohol and cocaine?...

Honestly Bad

By Pyr0_b0t
When I saw this movie I expected to be a pretty good thriller, but my dreams were dashed and it turned out to be one of the worst movies I have this year and in my top 25 worst movies of all time....

stupid plot brings on the lulz

By the smiths rule
here it is care of IMDB users who saw it on Wednesday night: "I just got back from an advance screening, no *beep* This movie was awful. A billion different scenes that didn't fit together at all......

Interesting plot

By t0r2009
I know a lot of people thought the movie had a weak plot, I myself didn't see that. I thought it was a very interesting idea and was very entertaining. Though, there were some boring spots in the...

Worst movie i've ever seen

By RedSoxYay1
I honestly refrain from calling movies the "worst ever" just because I don't like them, but this movie was just SO BAD that I am not shy about saying it is the WORST MOVEI I'VE EVER SEEN! Not even...

so disappointing!

By LuvThatFlick
I'm one of the few Lindsay fans left, and boy, is getting hard to defend her when she gets arrested AND releases a terrible movie all in one week. There's a reason why there are NO REVIEWS TO BE...

Does Lohan know who killed her career?

By sethrich
Don't expect a true gore or thriller flick, because this isn't it. Something like this is hard to place a label on, because it tries to be serious and frightening, but it falls short. At times the...

now i know why she is drinking again

By youknowiknow
This would have to be the worst movie I have seen in a long time. I am surprised this didnt go straing to DVD. Is it scary? No. Will you laugh at how stupid it is: Yes. Is the acting second...

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Rated R | For grisly violence including torture and disturbing gory images, and for sexuality, nudity and language
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