I Hope You Dance: The Power and Spirit of Song Synopsis
Discover how one song transforms lives in a profound, meaningful and sometimes startling ways. It’s a journey of faith, hope and optimism and a testament of the power of music to inspire and heal. The first film-event of its kind!
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Movie Reviews

Eye opening

By ilopez92
Just beautiful....

I Hope You Dance

By karene2213
I give it 5 stars. It was so moving and inspirational. No pun intended, but I hope I dance. It gives me hope. I think everyone needs to take heed of the movies message....

Great movie

By allankizza
Every one that has lived through some struggles needs to watch this movie....

NO Dancing Here

By waynegenie
Slow, stale almost like watching an infomercial. Total waste of fifteen bucks. Could've stayed home and played any spiritual music and gotten more out of my time. Don't understand why radio stations...

Not what I had hoped for

By kfiles7
While the song is beautiful, and the stories told in the movie are moving, the documentary itself was not at all as memorable as I thought it would be. There was a lot of hype on Facebook and also...

Pure inspiration!

By RussellBliss21
I thought it was excellent. I thought it was very compelling using the words of the song to illustrate how various people have reacted to it. This was my son's favorite song. He was murdered in...


By Fjones2967
I truly feel that if you have faith you can achieve anything, Faith in God, Faith in Family, Faith in Love, Faith in HOPE !! Most of all Faith in yourself, It all makes makes so much sense, it gives...

More of a sales pitch for donations

By gracefulhealth2012
This wasn't at all what I expected or what the description led to believe. I'm glad part of ticket sales went to a worthy cause or it would have been way overpriced!...

I hope you dance

By angel_ahh
Your emotions will bubble to the surface and the movie will leave you examining what is really important in your life....

I Hope You Dance

By slloyd77
The movie was excellent. It was very encouraging and definitely a revival in your faith and walk with the Lord. Kathy Gifford was an excellent commentator and the panel guest also gave you...