By Airboy10
Written June 30, 2009
I might go see this movie. seems intersting.
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Horribly Written and poorly acted!

By uglychicano
Written August 28, 2009
This was Nia Vardalos attempt at seeing how cute she can look in a movie with no substance. Disgustingly predictable plot, Vardalos would not wipe that creepy smile off her face, the dialog was worse than when my buddy and I made a home movie about superheroes when I was 11 years old.
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Charming duo

By flixwatchergal
Written October 24, 2010
This movie was slammed by the critics but I found it had the same charm that My Big Fat Greek Wedding had. This actor duo play very well off of each other. A humorous look at a real issue of dating rules.
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