By suzrules
Written September 20, 2008
This moving is absolutely inappropriate for any child under the age of 15. Four different families walked out of this theater at the same time we did. There are "jokes" about brainwashing a monster to become an ax murderer, just for one example of how completely inappropriate this movie is for children. I am not over-protective or squeemish but I was absolutely appalled that this movie should be marketed for families with small children. STAY AWAY!
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IGOR : Message, Heart and Tasteful Yet Irreverant Humor!

By fairreviewer
Written September 16, 2008
More wholesome than Shrek (no innuendo jokes confusing kids just for an adult laugh), IGOR has a very meaningful message about "using your powers for good instead of evil". Creating a lot of innocence & hopeful humor from the context of the evil world of Malaria it is staged in, Igor is also raising money to fight Malaria in reality. Although Igor has a slightly slow start, and can be a bit fast & fragmented at times - there's more than plenty to like! In a dark land, under the tyranny of King Malbert, the Malarians are eventually saved from having to collude with his evil blackmail of the rest of the world. Our heroes are most unlikely, and in an often hilarious tumble of fateful events, they learn that they had a deeper purpose than even they knew at the start. Characters are well developed, quite unique, well casted & acted. This wonderful story gives a gift of hope, humor & innocence in a time when we need it most. All ages will share the humor and love it for the same reasons.
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Written October 05, 2008
I just saw the advance press screening of this lack-luster mundane animated movie. It was neither clever nor smart - but, unimaginative and full of cliches stolen from Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar - lacking their quality/polish/standards. Despite the all-star voice-cast, this 1.5hr movie suffered from horrible screen-writing/plot and BAD dialogue by first-time screenwriter Chris McKenna - wasted the all-star cast's talents. Although rated PG, there were many scenes/'jokes' in this movie that were full of sexual innuendos - aimed at adults - totally inappropriate for children - so bad that neither kids nor adults laughed at the 'jokes'. Murder, Suicide, Seduction, Brain-washing - totally inappropriate for children. Saturday network cartoons are much better than this tedious insipid movie that dragged on and on. The character - Igor - is devoid of charm. Recommendation: Save your money. NOT worth a rental. They should PAY you to see it. Avoid this monstrous atrocity.
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Not for Younger Children...if any!

By lallred12
Written September 19, 2008
I was surprised sitting there with my 11 year old daughter at some of the content of this movie. Smaller children would for sure leave with nightmares in their future. I'd have to say part of it, like the immortal bunny gnawing off his own feet were a bit on the morbid side and the swearing was out of place and inappropriate. We are big movie goers but if I had younger children I would not have been happy. My daughter said to mention that it was overall an odd movie, sometimes funny but most of the time it was "not right". She didn't like the swearing or mention of body parts. Overall she wouldn't recommend it.
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By imalargeinpants
Written July 09, 2007
best movie since casablanca
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