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Great Movie!!

By donddv
Written January 29, 2014
They have added a new twist to the story, but no spoilers. The IMAX experience was unbelievable, worth the little extra money. The sound was like you were wearing headphones and the thunder and explosions rattled the seats. The 3D was picture perfect, no eye strain. I forgot I was watching 3D after a while. Must Go!
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Frankenstein's Monster...

By candiceacollins
Written January 24, 2014
Such a good movie! It's not bloody, but it is packed with action and it has a great story line. You really get an understanding of what it is to be loved by no one and feared by all.
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You should go!

By lpadulles
Written January 26, 2014
If you are into SyFy movies, you have to go see it. It certainly has lots of action and great effects from start to ending. I thought it had some silly parts but, they soon passed and the action was back on! A very entertaining movie.....will buy it when it comes out in DVD.
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Not much

By sybilholt
Written January 29, 2014
This movie left a lot of things out....and left you with a lot of questions. The entire point of the movie was non existent. How much time passed? What happened during that time? Why now? Where are the towns people?? The gargole queen says he needs to be discreet but apparently it is ok to hold ww3 in the middle of the town....and the people are where while this is happening???
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Great Action flick!

By G-MAN983
Written January 25, 2014
Great special effects! Story so-so, no twists, but overall the movie was VERY enjoyable. Saw it in IMAX 3D and it was definitely worth it! If you're looking to be entertained for 1.5 hrs, then THIS is the movie for you! P.S.: No scenes during or after the credits
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