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not worth seeing in 3d

Written December 22, 2014
The storyline was rdiculious. I took my son and his 3 friends and they all said, I liked IRONMAN better, loll I ended up falling alseep repeatedly. If you do see it dont waste the extra $$ to see it in 3d, not that much happening.
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Maybe not worth the 3d surcharge...

By skeeech
Written January 25, 2014
This was an interesting action flick. I give them kudos for adding something new to an old story. I don't know if it was by the same people but it felt like Underworld movies with different villains and heroes. Even some of the stars and moves were the same. The special effects were good but it does take more than that to have a complete experience. Please don't go expecting to see an Oscar contender. If you like a middle of the road action flick with a classic monster backdrop, you'll enjoy this movie. I would say skip the 3d version as it added NOTHING to the experience for me.
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By rosiecorn
Written January 26, 2014
I would say go if you want an action packed movie, because it's all of that. Yes it had some cheesy parts. But I still cheered on Frankenstein and thought it was a lot of fun.
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By SBritt
Written January 26, 2014
Loved the storyline - good vs. evil - with a twist! Graphics and acting was great. Loved in the IMAX theater in 3D. The previews were misleading and I always thought gargoyles were evil - after investigating, they aren't. Enjoy the show.
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I Frankenstein

By hpstephens
Written January 27, 2014
The movie turned out to be a surprise. I thought this movie was going to just be another remake but it wasn't. The movie had a story line and not alot of blood and gore.
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