By opuscroakus
Written February 10, 2013
My girlfriend is a big Melissa McCarthy fan and I've loved Jason Bateman's comedic skills forever. This movie was NO disappointment! First, I loved the way they used a woman to steal a man's identity based on his first name. Second, there were some wonderful lines (thank-you, writers!). Jason's "I'm just a decent guy" naiveté played well, especially when he mentioned his sock money. I suffer with Systemic Lupus and severe Fibromyalgia, and both times when Melissa used the Fibro as an excuse/distraction, I laughed so hard I nearly came out of my seat. "Ow! My Fibromyalgia! It's going right down my back!" LOL. This worked comedically, because the illness doesn't hit you that way. Finally, this story and the characters had a fantastic arc. Near the end, they both realised something crucial about themselves and the other, so the ending was very sweet. But you don't see the final comedy coming at all. GO SEE IT! The theatre was roaring. You won't be sorry.
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Great Laughs with a Dash of Feel Good...

By just_moe
Written February 09, 2013
So let's not over analyze this movie... just go! Great cast, too many unecessary villans, but stand out comedy performances by McCarthy and Stonestreet! Bateman always does a great job as the responsible, vanilla family man. A wild ride with many shenanigans along the way. One very funny adult scene, so don't take your young-uns!
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By tpugel
Written February 14, 2013
Melissa McCarthy is the gem we have been missing in comedies! She is hysterical, delivers a line, does great physical comedy and is completely unexpected. I've watched her since she was Suki St. James and have always loved her but this is her format. She just shines. Jason Bateman has always done a great straight guy. He is still basically Michael in this movie. My only criticism of the movie is that it would have been just as fantastic without the language. Nothing would have been lost to cut the f-words and half the four letter words and make it a PG-13. Maybe would have had to tweak the sex scene too. Sometimes less is more. All in all it was great to laugh out loud which I did and often. Loved the movie but really love Melissa!!
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Great Duet

By LadyB14
Written March 03, 2013
The movie was certainly funny and at times took you for an emotional curve. The plot was not truly realistic but definitely morally sound. I recommend seeing it; it was worth the buck!
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Trailer is way funnier than a movie

By levinaz
Written February 10, 2013
So like the title of this review "Trailer of this Movie" was funnier than this movie. The other thing is this movie is way too long. Too many "Corny" moments. So its just ok.
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