Bermuda Triangle

By FabAnt2010
Written April 30, 2017
Identity Thief definitely was one hilarious movie!! If you have any funny bones in you then I definitely would recommend it HIGHLY!! Learned a new concept about the "Bermuda Triangle" today!! But also learned a very SERIOUS lesson!! Never trust anyone you talk to on the phone.. #IdentityTheft is a big issue & once you are robbed of it, you'll never be the same!! #BeSafe #GetProtected #PSAIdentityThief
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Was not disappointed

By noniparrish
Written January 21, 2017
Love Melissa and Jason! The whole audience was laughing along with this movie. I do admit that it dragged just a bit in a couple of places but, all in all, well worth the trip and money. Be advised that there are a couple of areas unsuitable for the very staunch or young persons, also.
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Identity Thief

By Moviedguy1
Written March 30, 2017
If you're looking for a romp with multiple "laugh out loud" scenes, good coherence of plot and a bit of appropriately placed sentimentality, this is your film! Melissa McCarthy is brilliantly funny using both her physical comedy and her well-honed stand-up ad lib skills to supply the films biggest laughs; this only works playing off Jason Bateman's straight man act, whcih is the best in the business after Ben Stiller. T.I,, Robert Patrick and Eric Stonetreet all deliver good performances in supporting roles with some character depth, while John Cho and Amanda Peet, good actors in thier own right, cannot overcome the shallowness of their scripted roles. All in all this is a fun movie I would highly reccomend.
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Horrible - LEFT 50 painful mins in.

By mwells
Written April 27, 2017
Had high hopes this would turn out like the movie "The Change Up" with Jason Bateman, unfortunately I was greatly disappointed. My husband and I got up and left 50 mins into the movie and we both agreed it felt like we had been there for 2 hours already.
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if u love melissia mccarthy i say try it

By chrisd23902
Written May 24, 2016
i walked in to this movie with high expectations considering i kinda have a crush on mccarthy and for the most part was not disapointed yes the ads looked a hell of alot funnier but isnt that how it usualy goes dont get why the critics are being so hard on it though i thought it was a wonderful movie i strongly suggest you rent it and watch it atleast once if not more times bye for now love chris
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