Identity Theft

By cprems
Written February 12, 2013
It was funny and sad at the same time. You start out hating the thief but she grows on you during the film. It was definitely worth seeing.
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By Michlprickett
Written February 10, 2013
Melissa McCarthy made me laugh from the minute her adorable dimples made their first appearance in this movie. With the help of her co-star Jason Bateman, the pair of them pull off slapstick humor I don't normally fall for. Not to mention, I don't normally find colorful humor funny, but in this case McCarthy accomplish what her male counterparts haven't been able to do for years, make me laugh.
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By 24KRhodes
Written February 09, 2013
Absolutely hilarious movie. My wife and I have been looking forward to seeing this movie since the first time we saw the previews. It absolutely lived up to our expectations and then some!! We also liked the (mostly) realistic ending that made the movie more believable.
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If you want to laugh.....this is the movie to see!

By Rosemaks
Written February 19, 2013
This is a very funny movie. Lots of physical comedy as well. Has only a scene or two that you might not want children to see, and some bad language. Definately OK for older children (in my opinion). Some heart warming moments too. Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy do an excellent job beating each other up. Melissa is perfect as the sociopath of epic proportions. Jason's character is similar to his "Hancock" character. They have good comic chemistry together. The bar scene where she picks up a cowboy (played by Eric Stonestreet) is especially funny. If there is a moral, it would be not to ever give your personal information to anybody over the phone!
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Funny, but....

By Karmicsamadi86
Written February 25, 2013
Ok, I have to admit that I was actually looking forward to seeing this because both leads are hilarious and I've thoroughly enjoyed them in other movies. However, I don't know I wasn't really feeling their dynamic in this. While they both remained funny, together, for me atleast it didn't work. I did laugh however at bits during the movie and afterwards was even a little sympathetic towards McCarthy's character. I would recommend that you ask your friends who've already seen it for their opinions before you go, just because I'd assume you would all have similar senses of humor. I didn't think it was a universally funny movie like these two are known for making.
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