Good movie, but foul language over the top

By maccynth
Written October 22, 2016
Overall, the movie was funny at times, but the bad language was completely unnecessary at parts and it could have been even funnier without it. They did, however do a good job of mixing an emotional plot with comedy that could realistically be the lives of several people.
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Identity Theif

By gar_glo
Written October 01, 2016
On the end family visting while in prison. Told the girls not to go in the wood or forest because of a bear with cornrows. This is a radical slur. Bad
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I'd would suggest wasting your money on being a star on "Finding Bigfoot" than this garbage

By philroberts2009
Written December 06, 2016
This by far is the worst movie I have seen in the past 12 months. Yes, a few times there were a few "ha-ha" moments but the movie just tanked. The writer, producer and director apparently tried to do a like version of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" but failed miserably. While John Candy's character in Trains was a good, likable person who was basically a lovable goof, McCarthy's character ruins lives, sells credit card numbers to drug dealers, buys huge amounts of stuff that she will never use like jet ski's and has no remorse. 2/3'd of the jokes were just lame and McCarthy punching people in the throat two of three times was I guess ok, but six times??? The snake bite bit was stupid and now apparently $200 junk cars come equipped with Satellite XM Radio and the mere presence of the radio allows drug dealers and bounty hunters to track you via GPS. Right... I could go on and on but just plain stupid and NOT FUNNY! I got more laughs watching Schindlers List for God sakes : /
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Trailer is way funnier than a movie

By Anna Zubarev
Written July 31, 2015
So like the title of this review "Trailer of this Movie" was funnier than this movie. The other thing is this movie is way too long. Too many "Corny" moments. So its just ok.
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Indenty Thief

By Sonwatcher
Written November 25, 2015
This movie was much more crude and much less funny than I thought it would be from watching the trailer. I can't recommend it to anyone.
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