Great Duet

By LadyB14
Written August 30, 2014
The movie was certainly funny and at times took you for an emotional curve. The plot was not truly realistic but definitely morally sound. I recommend seeing it; it was worth the buck!
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By Mztiny
Written February 15, 2013
Great date movie!! me & my fiance' went to see for Valentines Day & he was a bit hesitant because he thought Jason Bateman may be dry & the movie might me corny..butttttttt.... HE LOVED IT & its a comedy / min drama/ message kind of a movie. Had some sorta sad, downer moments, but right when you wanna grab that tissue, Mrs. McCarthy in true form brings you to tears of LAUGHTER !! this is the FUNNIEST i have ever seen Jason Bateman, & it was quiet refreshing! I know the "society of CRITICS" do not like it, but HELLO, when they usually "RAVE" about a movie most folks usually HATE IT ! lol, i think secretly they get paid to hype a movie up ! lol, guess the creators of Identity Theft did not get that memo & said screw em & their uptight, have no sense of humor behinds ! :) I say go see it & you will definitely get many laughs & enjoyment ! & WHO DOESNT WANNA FEEL JOYFUL ??? :)
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Funny, but....

By Karmicsamadi86
Written July 31, 2014
Ok, I have to admit that I was actually looking forward to seeing this because both leads are hilarious and I've thoroughly enjoyed them in other movies. However, I don't know I wasn't really feeling their dynamic in this. While they both remained funny, together, for me atleast it didn't work. I did laugh however at bits during the movie and afterwards was even a little sympathetic towards McCarthy's character. I would recommend that you ask your friends who've already seen it for their opinions before you go, just because I'd assume you would all have similar senses of humor. I didn't think it was a universally funny movie like these two are known for making.
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SO Good!

By Jacobnxn
Written August 01, 2014
This actually was a pretty awesome movie. Yeah the premis isn't anything any of us would wan to face, but it throughout Jason and Melissa play off of each other fantastically. Expect some crude humor, and to be laughing throughout,I know I did...A MUST see if you love these type of comedies!
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Identity Thief

By rajomo
Written August 27, 2014
It was funny and cetainly gave me some laughs but I would not recomment bringing children as some of the scenes are very graphic and not for youngsters. I saw people there with kids and thought to myself that was not a very good idea. I have a friend that went to see it with her 12 year old daughter and she said she never should have taken her.
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