Identity Thief

By cramer1024
Written July 28, 2014
Not for kids. It was very funny. Molly is laughing all the way to the bank. Critics are very degrading about her weight. Shame on them. Ha Ha to them!!!! Go see it. Three stars.
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By Mztiny
Written February 15, 2013
Great date movie!! me & my fiance' went to see for Valentines Day & he was a bit hesitant because he thought Jason Bateman may be dry & the movie might me corny..butttttttt.... HE LOVED IT & its a comedy / min drama/ message kind of a movie. Had some sorta sad, downer moments, but right when you wanna grab that tissue, Mrs. McCarthy in true form brings you to tears of LAUGHTER !! this is the FUNNIEST i have ever seen Jason Bateman, & it was quiet refreshing! I know the "society of CRITICS" do not like it, but HELLO, when they usually "RAVE" about a movie most folks usually HATE IT ! lol, i think secretly they get paid to hype a movie up ! lol, guess the creators of Identity Theft did not get that memo & said screw em & their uptight, have no sense of humor behinds ! :) I say go see it & you will definitely get many laughs & enjoyment ! & WHO DOESNT WANNA FEEL JOYFUL ??? :)
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A Theft Of My Time

By panzerfaust1945
Written October 01, 2014
The movie was mildly entertaining, but I would not recommend anyone rush to see it. It was basically a rehash of previous films of the same type. Jason Bateman's talents were wasted....this was basically a movie showcasing Mellisa McCarthy; who was way funnier in "Bridesmaids". It also tries to paint very bad people as victims of society. Not a good lesson for children!
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Very Funny ... Melissa makes the movie!

By joshcranford
Written February 19, 2013
Not every movie is an Oscar contender... This movie delivered plenty of laughs and some heartfelt / tender moments. We are already big fans of the cast, most especially Melissa .... She is a great physical and visually expressive comic. Yes, these movies are a bit predictable, but there is enough fun here to make this a very enjoyable movie.
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By opuscroakus
Written September 15, 2014
My girlfriend is a big Melissa McCarthy fan and I've loved Jason Bateman's comedic skills forever. This movie was NO disappointment! First, I loved the way they used a woman to steal a man's identity based on his first name. Second, there were some wonderful lines (thank-you, writers!). Jason's "I'm just a decent guy" naiveté played well, especially when he mentioned his sock money. I suffer with Systemic Lupus and severe Fibromyalgia, and both times when Melissa used the Fibro as an excuse/distraction, I laughed so hard I nearly came out of my seat. "Ow! My Fibromyalgia! It's going right down my back!" LOL. This worked comedically, because the illness doesn't hit you that way. Finally, this story and the characters had a fantastic arc. Near the end, they both realised something crucial about themselves and the other, so the ending was very sweet. But you don't see the final comedy coming at all. GO SEE IT! The theatre was roaring. You won't be sorry.
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