Must go movie

By vbandhak123
Written February 20, 2008
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A little strange of a twist but I loved it!

By Varvaro
Written August 30, 2010
During the film I was like how are they going to explain that later in the film... but eventually they tell you and some people may not like the reason and even I was a little put off by it but it won me over in the end. Even when the secret it revealed the movie isn't over and a bit of a second twist comes into play. A good movie that you shouldn't pass up.
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I Love this movie

By jujulu
Written July 05, 2007
The first few minutes are dark and interesting...then BAM! It hits you and it doesn't let go until the very end. With twists and turns that keep you guessing, this is one of the best psychological thrillers in years.
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