What parents need to know

Parents need to know that because of global warming, the heroes are in peril from rising waters and they are stalked by somewhat scary-looking underwater creatures. There is comic slapstick violence (the acorn-chasing muskrat is squashed, splatted, attacked by a vulture, etc.), a sad memory of a mother's death, and a flood, and the tiger's fear of water is rendered in a couple of "nightmare" images (his point of view underwater, with big music). The film includes some very mild language ("crap," "ass," "pervert").
  • Families can talk about the alternative family (here called a "herd") developed by our plucky heroes. How do their different talents and interests help them to survive? How do they learn to support one another rather than argue or compete? How does Sid, who shows a persistent faith in everyone's worth, become the "glue" that holds them all together? How does the introduction of new members (Ellie and her possum brothers) temporarily disrupt the dynamic, as characters are jealous or afraid of being abandoned?
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