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Good fun

By bberardini
Written July 14, 2012
I went with a group of people ranging in ges from 15 to 60 and everyone enjoyed it and found it entertaining. The animation was superb too!
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Fun, fun fun Ice Age: Continental Drift

By moodylove69
Written August 01, 2014
I have seen all the ice age movies and this one was funny......laugh out loud funny. Great enjoyment forevery one. I would see it again!!!!!!
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Had it's moments

By Bigbaby213
Written December 22, 2014
Went to see the Ice Age movie last night and it was good. Not as good as the previous three but good nonetheless. It had its funny moments, but not a break the bank movie to watch in theaters.
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Must Go -- TODAY!!!

By dkeplinger
Written December 25, 2014
My 6 year old LOVED it, and even my 16 and 19 year olds liked it too! Not bad for an animated movie to appeal to kids of all ages!!!
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Lots of fun!

By Chalice66
Written July 14, 2012
Unlike some series where they just keep getting worse, the Ice Age movies seem to be at least holding steady in quality, which is great if you really enjoyed the first 3 as we did. Lot's of laughs in this installment and the voice talents are awesome! We didn't see the 3D version but it was still very good in plain ol' 2D.
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