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Entertaining but ok

By Ldiaz14
Written October 28, 2016
The movie had a good family storyline and was funny at times. I felt it was a little drawn out and the previous movies were a bit better. It's not Shrek funny, but a pretty good time.
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An ArAr Movie

By Silverscreen_bear
Written May 26, 2016
this movie is what you would expect of parents with an adolecent child and trying to keep her out of trouble, combined with the world shifting and moving with the animals trying to make it to a safe place. Add to this a separate adventure with dad and pirates and you have a new movie. The animation was great story wonderful and as always a happy ending. I'll probably buy a blue ray video when it comes out. It is cute and the kids will love it as well as the adults.
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Ice Age 4 was a hit!!

By sexyjillianne
Written July 16, 2012
I took my three kids to see Ice Age 4 on opening day and they loved it. I liked it as much as they did. I am a big fan of the Ice Age movies. Perfect for the kids and enough humor for adults to love too!
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Ice Age Continental Drift

By j143g
Written September 28, 2016
Went to see the movie with five of my granchildren and they loved it!!! I am not a fan of annimated movies but this one was a good one!! It reallhy kept my interest along with that of children ranging in age from 2-9!!!! Good job!!
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Ice Age 4 is one of best installments yet

By roman2669
Written July 14, 2012
I went to see this movie with my kids and they loved it as well as I. Many of the punchlines were made to be understood by the youngest of viewers to those of us adults. I would go watch this movie once again. It has a very good storyline concerning parenthood and dealing with teenagers as well from the other angle of how parents usually have their kids interest in heart. Great story.
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