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Fun, fun fun Ice Age: Continental Drift

By moodylove69
Written July 01, 2015
I have seen all the ice age movies and this one was funny......laugh out loud funny. Great enjoyment forevery one. I would see it again!!!!!!
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Great for kids but not so for adults

By jmartinezcampos
Written April 19, 2015
We have seem great kids movies that are also great fun for the adults. This one is just good for kids but adults will not enjoy the same as we enjoyed the previous Ice Age movies.
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By melissa2487
Written March 05, 2015
I have to give 'Ice Age' a C+. This was a cute movie but it cannot compare to the first 'Ice Age' which is much better. The movie was just okay. It had a few funny parts, luckily... it was MUCH better than the last installment they did but it still wasn't the best and I think this series needs to end now before it gets worse. I didn't see it in 3D though, and I don't think 3D was necessary. The worst part for me was Nicki Minaj. Her character (her voice) was so annoying and ruined the whole movie for me. The main song was adorable though and I'm considering buying the soundtrack. I wouldn't see it again most likely but I'd recommend it if you normally like 'Ice Age' movies.
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If you can stretch your disbelief completely out of sight, you'll love this movie

By IgnauzeT
Written March 05, 2015
The creators of "Ice Age: Continental Drift" take insane liberties with the time span for geological processes, but do so with the best intent: side-splitting laughs. It's clearly time for Scrat to take center stage, and he gets a lot more screen time in this movie than in the previous three, to usually hilarious effect. His discovery and subsequent acts in "Scratlantis" are just the beginning of his important role in driving the underlying plot of the movie. As usual, all the other main characters -- Manny and his family (Peaches and Ellie), Diego, and Sid (and his family, introduced for the first time, including the hilariously decrepit Granny who has more than a few tricks up her sleeve and in other places) -- play to and against their stereotypes with fervor and humor. The action can be excessive, but the interactions are interesting, and the lessons learned good. Captain Gutt, voiced by actor Peter Dinklage (Therion from Game of Thrones) makes a great villain. Worth seeing.
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Ice Age: Continental Drift

By philmonson
Written July 15, 2012
We are witnessing what is a profoundly significant morphing of movies into a digital world--where whatever the writers want to express--they can. The character, Scrat" holds the series together and provides a thread of comic relief (sometimes rather harmlessly grim). And as I said, the script writers have free rein. It will only get better. The detail of physics, movement and character detail is now magnificent but more and more is yet to come. Everyone who sees this movie (not 'film') should contribute comments to help the artists and engineers punch through this explosion of ability. By the way, the rendering of hair, muscles, and skin over skeleton is extremely good. The physical reaction of characters running about on a floating iceberg is the best I have seen. Please praise it if you like it. Recommendation, see it and appreciate it for the gateway is is. Your children will be able to say "I remember when."
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