Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D

By mjbecker1
Written July 19, 2012
Great movie! I love all the Ice Age movies, this one is no exception. I especially liked to see it in 3D. It is a movie that is enjoyable for all ages.
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Another Ice Age

By kfonkert
Written October 24, 2014
The movie was funny. But it may not have been the funniest Ice Age movie, or we're just getting used to it, and it's not as funny anymore. The kids enjoyed it, and were glad they saw it at least.
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take your kids

By art_vandelay
Written November 28, 2014
while i thought the movie was merely "OK", my daughter (as well as the other kids in attendance) loved it. i will say this, 'tho: the 3D effects are remarkable & might be enough of a reason alone to check it out.....
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ICE AGE 4 Continenetal Drift

By Movie Mom knows
Written August 03, 2012
I think if you have seen all the other ice age movies, you definately have to see this one too. Not one of my favorites but it did have some funny moments. I am really in between so-so and go....the 6 -7 year old party kids liked it, one girl and four boys. : )
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not the best, but still enjoyable

By hrh
Written July 31, 2014
the bar is very high for ice age, and while this movie may not have been quite as good as the others, it is still delightful and worth seeing
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