Really Disappointing

By austinmoviesbuffster
Written August 28, 2015
We are HUGE fans of Ice Age -- saw Ice Age Rise of Dinos the night before for the upteenth time and still loved it. While we were watching Continental Drift, we could not believe how much we disliked the characters, especially the gorilla - too intense for the youngest viewers. The story was full of cliche's and was totally predictable. The sub-storyline of Peaches was especially boring and predicable. Did not like seeing the stalwarts get the crap beaten out of them. This was just a real disappointment. Will definitely not be buying the blu-ray on this one.
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Barrel of Laughs!

By mfhladonik
Written February 27, 2015
This movie was one of the best out of the series! My 7 year old gives it 10 out of 10! Laugh out loud funny! Wanda Sykes one liners stole the show! Ham and Cheese! We cant stop saying that! The graphics were awesome also. So realistic. And I dont usually go and pay the extra money for 3D as I am unemployed for 2 years, but we decided to splurge and it was well worth it! Cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!
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Continental Drift 3D Review

By mov_esnow
Written May 23, 2015
This movie was excellent in all phases & is acceptable for all age groups to enjoy. The 3D graphics were great. The (movie's) story was filled with symbolism & it kept all viewers attention throughout the entire movie. My wife, our 2 grandchildren, & I all had a wonderful time at this movie!
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Written November 28, 2014
Kids love it - was nice to see the old gang back together with a new theme. Always wonder what they will concoct next. Nice family fun movie!
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Ice Age 4

By brendas1
Written August 02, 2012
Me and the kids took dad to see it he loved it we saw it in 3d it was great. We have told every one they have to go see and to make sure they see it in 3d that make a big diffrents in the move it makes you fell like your right there with them.
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