Ice Age - Continental Drift

By Khawk82
Written July 14, 2012
Took my 9yr old neighbor to see it in 3-D. We laughed from start to finish with a few happy tear moments in between! Loved it!!!! Great for any age!!!! :)
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Ok for Kids...

By Nikelaos
Written July 15, 2012
This installment is missing the magic of the first that was fading in the second... The plot and characters are paper thin and while they all do fun things so it is a nice visual display, but even my kids were left scratching their heads saying "how can the Monkey do..." Kids will enjoy, but as a parent go tired and i hope that you can sleep through it.
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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

By cachicambo
Written July 17, 2012
If you have children they will love it. The movie had something for every age. The character of Sid's Grandma was great. She was very funny. It also had a good moral to the story for pre-teens.
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What FUN and a great Message

By glory374
Written September 18, 2014
What FUN and a great Message. I took two girls, 10 & 14 and they had many laughs. We saw it in 3D, but it would be good in any viewing. Even the credits at the end wer fun :-) Thank you for a good "family friendly", fun movie that encourages building good character and virture.
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Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D

By mjbecker1
Written July 19, 2012
Great movie! I love all the Ice Age movies, this one is no exception. I especially liked to see it in 3D. It is a movie that is enjoyable for all ages.
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