Very Good - Great

By nannybrister
Written April 28, 2015
My 10 year old daughter, my wife (who likes many kids movies) and myself (who only like kids movies that have some story for 'adults') all enjoyed it.
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It was ok...not really

By caselegance
Written December 21, 2014
My 12 year-old grandson and I went to see the 3D screening on opening day and were both very disappointed.The 3D was NOT worth the ticket, very big let down as was the entire movie. New character of Sid's granny was only really funny character with good lines and excellent voice casting! She was only reason we gave it a C. Without her the film was a D-. Children under 7 would probably enjoy the movie, older children...not so much. Our family was big Ice Age fans, loved the characters, voices and humor and stories. We'll have to be content watching the earlier ones.
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Nice, cute, entertaining movie...

By mnaveenis
Written September 04, 2015
It is a very nice movie all kids (including adults) will enjoy for sure. Excellent animation, good screen play, nice humor, not boring. What else we want? Go for it...!!!
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Cute as ever!

By maidtosparkle123
Written October 06, 2015
This movie has the most incredible graphics! The imagination of the writers just gets better and better. You will love the adventure they all go on. It was a fantastic movie that kept all 3 of us entertained from beginning to end!
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Very Entertaining

By tortjen
Written March 03, 2015
I took my 13, 14, and 8 yr old grandchildren -- as usual, we were very entertained. We have seen all the Ice Age movies and love them all. It, sometimes, is hard to make teenagers laugh - especially at animated fllms, but they really enjoyed it.
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