summer movie in the winter

By gallynuts
Written February 15, 2011
this movie is a summer blockbuster in the off season. I went and saw a sneak preview and i was blown away by the production quality and amazing storyline.
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This movie kicks butt, no joke

By SusanJessen
Written February 18, 2011
Very intense movie really entertaining the whole time. I really liked Timothy Olyphant in the crazies and he did great here too. You can watch it at [BLOCKED WEBSITE].com
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Great special effect

By bluebird_boulevard
Written February 22, 2011
The movie with the IMAX special effect that was really great and the good thing is that I did not need to wear a pair of glasses that often sucks. But I felt a little bored with more than a first half of the movie in that things seemed slow and no exciting actions appeared. I felt so probably because the preview I had seen before this movie had emphasized only action & special effects and I misunderstood the theme of the movie (this can be said to the movie "Rite" too, in that its preview had stressed too much of "occult" part of the movie that really misled viewers). Girls are not particularly pretty and I am disappointed with this part, too. A little disappointed because of this reason but the movie itself is entertaining and if you have good budget, I recommend to go to see it.
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Great movie overall

By broyer1591
Written March 06, 2011
This movie had a little bit of everything: action, romance, some sudden instances of shock scary, and some real bad*** moments. Yes, it can kinda resemble Twilight in some ways with the teenage love in the plot, but so much better in terms of action packed and being a thriller. The plot was pretty predictable but still kept me on the edge of my seat most of the movie.
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I enjoyed it, but...

By celibatedog
Written February 19, 2011
I Am Number Four suffered from the usual problems of a film of this genre. Although John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is only 20, there is no way he would ever pass as a high school student. He played the role well, but if you want to use an actor of that age as eye candy, use community college setting and not a high school. The backstory was weak. The Mogadorians come off as inept misanthropic thugs, not a race of world conquering explorers. The thought that this race was capable of taking over any world inhabited by intelligent beings is laughable at best. Superior technology only takes you so far. High school bully suddenly realizing who the truly evil guys are and befriending our reluctant hero at the end -- what a twist! /sarcasm Film is designed for your high school/collegiate crowd. Hopefully students who don't have high expectations from films yet. Seems like they saved the small special effects budget for the end of the film, so disappointing for your action aficionados.
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