Weak, boring, self-indulgent attempt at art film-making.

By lovefilmIDO
Written July 24, 2010
Not worth the actors' time, and certainly not worth seeing. This was a budget run amuck, a director and writer out of control. One of the worst things I've seen in years. Don't bother.
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I am Love: A Wonderful Film!

By Mamarazzi
Written June 28, 2010
Aesthetically, this was a beautiful film. Location, sets, food and clothing are all characters in this movie. It's also well acted and touching. We won't spoil the plot, but towards the end, the story takes a startling turn. It's important to know this movie is a fantasy, a melodrama and to take it on its own terms. Go if you love independent film and thrive on character development. Those of you who prefer strong plot driven/action/suspenseful movies, would do well to make another choice.
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I am Love

By Damun
Written August 16, 2010
Tilda Swinton is the perfect Milanese sauce. See it if you admire nuance, complexity, food, and the sometimes torturous emotions of contemporary life. This film is a Bolero. It starts slowly. Painfully slowly. I was ready to go out and get some popcorn, pay my bills, and answer all my e-mails in order to have something to do while the director built layer upon layer of setting and character. I'm glad I didn't. Like the long, seductive foreplay in a Bolero, the layers are necessary for the emotional intensity one experiences as the action (finally) begins. Few films have handled the themes of alienation, greed, and the changing of the guard as masterfully. I loved the plot line. The camera sweeps intended to portray Swinton's vertigo were distracting. The sets, costumes, and acting were elegant.
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By angievouyer
Written June 28, 2010
Can someone with a master's degree explain what the ending was really all about. The movie goes along just fine and interesting until the famous UHKA Soup was made by the son's best friend, (a recipe only made by his Russian immigrant turned Italian mother). Once son sees the soup at the dinner table he remembers the other signs of his mother having been to his best friend's home. He gets up to leave the table, mom follows and a heated exchange of a few words before son hits his head on a cement piece around the pool, falls in and dies. That is exactly the part of the movie where things get wacky......I would reall like to hear someone else's interpretation of what ensued beyond that point. When the movie ended, everyone in the theater just sat and looked at each other in total disbelief. Knowing and witnessing that first hand, I know I am not alone in NOT understanding all thiose rushed scenes at the end. Anyone, please? Thanks!!
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By whitegoldenretriever
Written August 25, 2010
A gorgeous, fascinating movie for grown-ups. Excellent!
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