• Released
  • February 18, 2011
  • (Portland 2/18; L.A. 3/11; NY 3/18)
  • 1 hr 16 min
  • Documentary

A way to help

By Rickyracecar
Written February 20, 2011
I really liked this film. Go watch something that will make a difference and give you much to talk about with your date. You will laugh and think and feel things that are universal truths. Through this film with the additional scientific explanations, people have an opportunity to see those universal truths in action. If you know these truths but want to explain them to someone who is unsure...this movie will help.Tom Shadyac being such a well known Hollywood director has got the right stuff and reputation to get the us in the theatre. David Suzuki, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Archbishop Desmond Tutu alone are reason to see this film. They speak so eloquently about existential things in a way that make sense to all of us, a gift from the director and editor. Parents with kids there will be a graphic moment meant to move us to recognize how we share feelings for others who suffer. A clip from Luis Buñuel' Surrealist film: Un Chien Andalou of an eye being cut is hard to watch.
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I Am

By sparkle56
Written February 21, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed the film as it was a true experience of someone who gets life!! We truly do live from the heart outward. Being a documentary, some of the filming was rough, but I liked the variety of individuals who were interviewed in it. I am pleased to see a spiritual message come across the screen that really works for us today, NOW!
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see it!

Written February 25, 2011
very thought provoking in a good way
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sounds like some love fest

Written March 05, 2011
Didnt this happen in the 1960s and no one cared but hippies, this guy looks like one. If hes not happy with his money he can send me some so I dont have to waist my life working and can concentrait on raising my kid.Its easy to see whats wrong with the world when you have the cash to explore it. and not traped in some crappy job all day that sucks the life out of you.I'll wait for cable.If your not happy with money then why are you charging 10 bucks to see this?
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By Rich S
Written March 23, 2011
This flick co-opts legit science to "prove" its points and when such fails [or simply doesn't exist]it just makes up some more. Taggart, Chomsky and Zinn all bankrupt idealists and post mod philosophers [a thankfully dying breed] along with a bevy of "noetic" scientists all displace real science for a massive spoof. The fact that their message maybe well meant [and painfully obvious] does not excuse these silly methods. Propaganda.directed to the uncritical thinker and pablum for the peace and love set. You'll laugh out loud at the "Yogurt Experiment"
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