• Released
  • February 18, 2011
  • (Portland 2/18; L.A. 3/11; NY 3/18)
  • 1 hr 16 min
  • Documentary
I Am Synopsis
Screenwriter Tom Shadyac investigates how people can improve the way they live.
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A way to help

By Rickyracecar
I really liked this film. Go watch something that will make a difference and give you much to talk about with your date. You will laugh and think and feel things that are universal truths. Through...

I Am

By sparkle56
I thoroughly enjoyed the film as it was a true experience of someone who gets life!! We truly do live from the heart outward. Being a documentary, some of the filming was rough, but I liked the...

see it!

very thought provoking in a good way...

sounds like some love fest

Didnt this happen in the 1960s and no one cared but hippies, this guy looks like one. If hes not happy with his money he can send me some so I dont have to waist my life working and can concentrait...


By Rich S
This flick co-opts legit science to "prove" its points and when such fails [or simply doesn't exist]it just makes up some more. Taggart, Chomsky and Zinn all bankrupt idealists and post mod...

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By Sunny Jones
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By jigglymuffin
This movie makes you think and at the same time will ensure you cry. The tears are hopeful. After watching this film I have a renewed belief that we can make our world better. Maybe its not...

I Am

By jerrine
I saw it 2 days ago and I can't stop thinking about it. This is the kind of movie I want everyone I know to see. I will probably get copies when it becomes available to give as Christmas presents. I...

I AM ~ The Film

By piscesranch
took my 12 year old son with me....granted it wasn't a sci-fi; bang-em-up movie...but I got more from this movie than I have from any other in a long, long time! Entertaining, heart-felt,...

Why wasn't this movie honored at the Oscars?!!

By olyrose
Maybe someday in my lifetime these movies will reach critical mass, instead of only showing a few days at a few theateres....