I am Bruce Lee

By dmbcrsh
Written February 16, 2012
This documentary was well put together with interviews from actors and martial artists. It gave a great perspective on how Bruce thought about life. He said something like, you need to focus on being yourself and expressing yourself. Do not try to mirror a successful persons life, just be yourself.
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By Don Carlo
Written February 10, 2012
Wish this movie was marketed more, A lot of people around the world need to see this movie, but they will have their chance again on the 15th
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i am bruce lee

By robin_luu
Written February 10, 2012
really awesome documentary on bruce lee
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Good documentary

By tkk55
Written February 10, 2012
Not a lot of new information, but some great interviews with a diverse group of people. We had the pleasure of a q&a session with Shannon and Linda after the showing and they provided some great insights into the man he was. It made Bruce Lee more human to me. Shannon and Linda were very generous with their time and took a minute to chat, take photos and thank us for coming out to support the film.
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Best, most real documentary about Bruce Lee. Period. Endorsed by Linda and Shannon.

By TrustButVerify
Written February 10, 2012
I was fortunate enough to see the first public showing in Seattle, which included a Q&A session with Linda and Shannon Lee after the movie. This particular documentary, unlike virtually all of the countless others, is endorsed and promoted by Bruce's family. The biopic afforded an exceptionally thoughtful and unique insight into not only how Bruce Lee impressed his fans, which we are all aware of, but also his thought behind and motivation for becoming who he was. Bruce Lee was a unique thinker, much ahead of his time in the martial arts. He had the cojones to say "ok, that's not real" when appropriate and to express himself and his martial expertise by living his life as a true warrior, distilling his abilities and techniques down to their purest and most effective levels. Valuable additions included special thoughts and dialogue with some of his true friends and colleagues like Dan Inosanto and others. See this film; understand the message...and "be like water, my friend."
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