Hyde Park on Hudson

By analyst
Written July 28, 2015
While I am an FDR fan, the events in the film were largely new to me and, therefore, especially interesting.I thought the major characters: FDR, Eleanor, Mother, King George V! were very much as I remembered or imagined them (e.g.FDR's mother. I thought Bill Murray did a sensational job, as did virtually all of the others. Also, the outside scenery was spectacular (even though apparently it was filmed in England, not Duchess County, NY). While I have been to FDR's home in Hyde Park, I don't think it was used in the film. Nevertheless, it seemed very similar. All in all, anyone who is interested in first half of the 20th century American history should be delighted with this film.
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Worth Renting

By southern-bella
Written February 09, 2016
We've all seen and heard so much about Roosevelt, what more could be said? Well, there isn't more, just from another point of view. This was slow, even boring in parts, but also interesting. When reading, or watching, someone's memoirs you must question if what you are seeing/watching is factual or just how they remember it. And then take into account that turning those memoirs into a movie, even more liberty is taken. Having said that, the movie does show a slightly different side of Roosevelt's character. It also gives us one more reason to love Eleanor, the real steel behind the scenes of the presidency....does Hillary come to mind?
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Fascinating look behind the curtain

By JimJabu
Written April 30, 2016
Here's an example of when more is less. There is a terrific engaging story about the visit of the King and Queen of England to the U.S. in 1939, but it is mixed in with a story about a pedestrian affair between Roosevelt and his 5th cousin. The screen comes alive when we follow the King and Queen, but the love affair angle is deadly dull.
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By jomeyertons
Written August 26, 2016
First, the movie is rather dull. Second, it involves a rather excruciating humiliation by an important president to women who had little or no power in their dull lives. I could have lived without seeing that. Bill Murray is a good actor but I just don't like this character. I'd say this one should go on the large heap of films better forgotten. One bright note: FDR's car had a really cool cigarette dispenser/lighter.
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Hyde Park on Hudson

By randomharvest
Written October 13, 2015
In spite of the great actors, there was no character development. I adore Bill Murray but he just doesn't make it as FDR. The movie started and ended at no where. Save your money and find another movie that gets somewhere!!
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