Well done

By plhenry1
Written March 30, 2017
Enjoyable, well acted movie. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nicely directed, well written....thoughtful movie that should appeal to most adults. Bill Murray and the entire cast made this bit of "history" come to life.
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Hyde Park on Hudson

By carbon60
Written October 22, 2016
This is a lovely film, with fine performances all around. Some people will not like it since it portrays FDR as a flawed but sympathetic man. He was a lonely man who needed companionship from women that was not provided by his alienated wife Eleanor. This is a small snapshot of him at a crucial time, before war broke out in Europe. The portraits of the young King and Queen of England are charming. This is really aimed at an older generation of viewers. Most young people, especially those craving action and excitement, will find it boring. We enjoyed it very much.
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Didn't care for it....

By martingg
Written February 23, 2017
They should make it clear that the movie theme is FDR's affair....the advertising indicates it's more about him...and, I never got past seeing Bill Murray...never got to seeing FDR...LINCOLN was a far better movie.....
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Hyde Park Hid Picture Sharpness

By rayfridley3
Written June 30, 2016
For the serious student of American history, Hyde Park would be of interest. For most movie goers, the image sharpness has much to be desired. Watching this flick is not any clearer than watching a home movie that was filmed with fog on the camera lense, even on the outdoor scens. The clarity of the inside scenes are mediocre at best . The acting was not much better than the picture quality. Nothing special. Not recommended for anyone suffering from depression; they would be in a deeper depression. I feel no joy in this movie. This would be not suitable for younger children as it for them would be too boring; kids would become fidgety and begin screaming in the theatre seats. Leave the kids home and stay home with them.
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Hyde Park on the Hudson

By Smitty615
Written August 31, 2016
I was disappointed. The characters for the most part were almost caricatures of the people they were portraying, and if the viewer knows ANYTHING about the Roosevelts and King George and Queen Elizabeth, it would be hard to believe this story the way it is presented. I cannot recommend tis film.
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