hyde park on hudson

By carolnemo1
Written December 01, 2015
I found this film enjoyable for the most part, and the acting exceptional, especially by Bill Murray and Laura Linney. I was disappointed that at Hyde Park, one of the most beautiful spots in the state of new york, there was not a single scene of the mighty Hudson River and the lush green hills on both sides of the river, and too much emphasis on the vast fields on the property. perhaps it was not even filmed at Hyde Park. also disappointing to me was the emphasis on only 2 aspects of FDR's nearly 3 terms in office: the sexual needs and narcissistic aspect of FDR's personality, and the king and queens' visit. Surely, there were many more interesting anecdotes that could have been highlighted. The movie was only 1 hr, 34 min., and another 20 minutes could have shown other sides of FDR and his presidency. i would not recommend this movie for children under 15..
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In a word... gross!

By newyorkminute
Written September 25, 2016
Wish I never even heard of this movie. I went to see Bill Murray. I can't even say what I thought of the acting because the script and the whole story was so offensive. Several people left the theatre during the movie. I haven't seen that happen in a long time.
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By dumble
Written March 30, 2017
Engaging film. Enjoyed the entire film. Bill Murray is excellent in the role of FDR. This seems to be the year of the President...elections in November followed by two short looks into the lives of FDR and Lincoln. This President was not perfect and this shows an imperfect side to FDR. It also shows compassion to the King of England, as a young inexperienced ruler, who comes to the Power asking for support. This is a very touching moment in the film. A go see or rent for home. This film should win awards.
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Poor attempt

By 197ravenhill
Written October 28, 2016
The setting was great. The atmosphere of the 30's was well created BUT the characters were disappointing. My father was an English gentleman and I spent my first 2 decades in British Isles so I know that king George 6th was a slight, very thin man with hollow checks and not at all like the actor portraying him. Also Queen Elizabeth, while she may have been sharp and critical in private, always presented a soft cuddly demeanor and was nothing at all like the ugly, unpleasant character depicted in the film. Further, Bill Murray's portrayal of FDR was a very sad attempt compared to Ralph Bellamy's great one in Winds of War. I would not see this movie again, nor would I recommend it to anyone.
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A little slow

By lpinquin2
Written April 23, 2017
The movie was not what I expected. I guess from the previews I thought the movie was going to be more about The President and the King, I guess my interpatation was incorrect. It seemed to be a slow pasted movie. I think the movie was worth seeing, Bill Murray did a wonderful job.
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