Fine acting believable story

By teeemkay
Written July 24, 2014
The acting in Hyde Park was great from everyone but from Mr. West who played the king it was wonderful.The story was believable but was a litttle sad. The only thing lacking was more character development but nothings perfect. Overall we were glad we went to see it.
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Behind the Scenes

By rick_button
Written January 12, 2013
Although this movie is not epic like Lincoln or The Hobbit, it is an interesting look behind the scenes from a time when the media was complicate to the dalliances of our government. I thought that the movie had a reasonable pace for a character piece. I am sure that it would be painful for someone looking for an action movie. I also thought Bill Murray did pretty well in a serious role, which admittedly surprised me.
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Light in terms of content - could have been much richer to grasp the more complete character of FDR

By TripleV
Written January 13, 2013
I was somewhat disappointed in the shallowness of this movie. Perhaps it is because the movie I saw last week was Les Miserables - best movie I believe I have ever seen in my life; so contrast effect was huge. If you just want to go to a movie and not have to think too much and not cry -- this may be decent relief from a stressful week. However, I'm afraid I can't recommend it as a "good movie". FDR's character was SO much more complex and interesting . . . My feeling is that by focusing on his womanizing side only -- way too much was left unaddressed . . and it would be so much more true and interesting if that part were shown in the context of who ALL he was. My rating of so-so is generous. I guess the way I really feel about it is No - not really.
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Delightful and fun

By dck1
Written December 17, 2012
Billy Murray was a surprise and deserves the critical acclaim he's receiving for his performance. The screenplay is fun and all the performances are first-rate.
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Murray was very good...

By rcleffke
Written January 03, 2013
I thought the movie was so so at best. I would not go to see it again.
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