The FDR we did not know

By wizinit
Written June 23, 2017
Bill Murray is stellar as the FDR that is not revealed in old news reels. And Samuel West puts in an Oscar worthy supporting performance as the same king we met in The King's Speech. For those who only know Laura Linney from her Masterpiece/Downton Abbey hostess role, she shows her acting skills as the simple cousin who lifted FDR's spirits in a household dominated by his mother and wife.
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Behind the Scenes

By rick_button
Written February 21, 2017
Although this movie is not epic like Lincoln or The Hobbit, it is an interesting look behind the scenes from a time when the media was complicate to the dalliances of our government. I thought that the movie had a reasonable pace for a character piece. I am sure that it would be painful for someone looking for an action movie. I also thought Bill Murray did pretty well in a serious role, which admittedly surprised me.
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Can wait for cable.

By hoke
Written October 26, 2014
Don't go to see this movie if you are looking for the Roosevelt in the White House, or the "fear" speech, or WWII drama. This movie is a simple love story between the President and a girl who thought she was his only mistress. However, the best scenes are the interaction between FDR and King George of England. The scenery is great and the period music is terrific and it brings back nostalgia from a time gone by but it is also one of those movies that you can wait to see when it comes on cable TV.
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movie? what movie?

By MrInnerSanctum
Written August 26, 2016
When the credits went up, I said "really?" There hadn't been a movie that I saw. An entertaining little vignette perhaps, but no movie. You didn't learn anything really about the characters. A few laughs, but nothing substantial. Cinematography only basic. Script mediocre. Acting much less than what I expected (actually couldn't believe Laura Linney took this one. I would expect more from her). More like an RTF project than a Hollywood movie. Enjoyable, but barely worth the time.
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Worth Seeing

By neilnycity
Written April 26, 2017
A real story with real cinematography, intelligent dialogue and wonderful acting.
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