THE HURT LOCKER - explosively on target! Rating: 90 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

Written July 26, 2009
A few weeks ago, I attended the advance press preview of this TERRIFIC movie - and it has stuck in my mind all along despite my busy schedule and everything else going on. I keep thinking that I would not be able to give this compelling movie a accurate review had I just rushed it - so, after much reflection - here it is. The Hurt Locker was shot documentary-style and the EXCELLENT cast gave a WONDERFUL performance in this well-executed humanizing in-depth story of a bomb-squad in Iraq. This movie has got to be one of the FINEST war-based movie in recent history due to its realistic approach and stark brutally honest presentation of what our American soldiers/servicemen(and women) are experiencing in a war-torn desperate country. I applaud director Kathryn Bigelow's valiant effort and superbly-engaging work with this chair-gripping suspenseful tensed tightly-told and shot movie. VERDICT: A MUST-SEE!!! R-rated for blatant violence. Actual GRADE: Solid A
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Go see it now!

By cak100p
Written June 16, 2009
If you were to just walk in watch the first scene and walk out, it would be worth the dough you plopped down to see it. Katherine Bigelow's "The Hurt Locker" is a visceral ride along side the members of a modern day, bomb diffusion unit stationed in Iraq. The movie begins by thrusting you into a world where the heat is unbearable, the pressure is immense and the danger all around you from bombs, to cell phones, to abandoned cars, is cold, uncalculating, uncaring, and very real. From there the film goes on to explore something we see in very few war films, (especially films about the War in Iraq) the idea of war as a drug and war's highly addictive nature. The film explores the differences in the soldiers characters, from those who love War to those who find themselves paralyzed by the terror of all of it. "The Hurt Locker" lets us in to a World where men ride the adrenaline high of battle rather than longing for a taste of home. A terrific and important film in this writers opinion.
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The Hurt Locker

By Johannag01
Written September 08, 2009
This is a fantastic movie. I was leery of seeing a war movie even though I am a military officer. It is more a story of teamwork and the human experience but set in Iraq in 2004. The makers do not politicize the war, it is militarily accurate and there is a refreshing absence of stereotypes as well as an absence of gratuitous violence. In fact, if gore difficult for you, you can still see this. They do a wonderful job of illustrating a scene while showing respect for the humans in the film. Americans should see this movie so that no matter your opinion of what is happening overseas, you get a good look at what it is like for your fellow citizens who are there. I hope this film receives the awards it deserves.
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The Hurt Locker

By Cadadia
Written June 21, 2009
Excellent Film. The Director and writer have actually managed to bring a fresh perspective to the disaster that is the war in Iraq while keeping specific focus on character study.Mood-set excellent. oThere is something for all types of audiences...action, intelligent reflection and insight, horror (real, not gratiutous) clear moments of human comnnection and life changing events. must see. The actors are superb. One has the chilling feeling of being there...MUST SEE! Cadadia, Los Angeles (saw it at a benefit in NY).....
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Not bad not good

By Cal95634
Written August 06, 2009
If you've never been in a combat zone or never been in the military, you'll probobly like this movie. But if you have don't bother; the fieldcraft mistakes will drive you crazy. This movie really needed a military consultant. The action was ok, just hard to believe more like what a hollywood civilian might think it was like, but didn't they at least know non-coms don't salute non-coms?. By the way... You're not adjusting morter fire guys... so if you can't hit a target with a Barret that's the siza of a basketball first time out and every time there after at 1000 yds, you got no business playn' with one... Cheers
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