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Hurricane on the Bayou

By greenford11
Written February 19, 2007
Everyone should go see this one, it opens our eyes to what is going on over there. Its a real touching and informative film.
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By missmlite
Written March 02, 2007
The movie was shorter than I was hoping it would be but I understand that the purpose is to raise awareness about saving Louisiana's wetlands and was started before Hurricane Katrina hit. The hurricane only added to the destruction and shows how important it is to put things back the way they were.
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Eye opening adventure

Written February 27, 2007
This documentary is both an adventure and an eyes opener that shows the enviromental damage we have inadvertently created to the bayou with the way we built our levees and boat canals years ago. Its also a great educational adventure for children.
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Doesn't disappoint

By LSUgirl
Written August 11, 2007
I'm from the New Orleans area and came into this movie knowing I would cry. I did, but more importantly, to me at least, it really brought the way of life over there into focus. The flim began as a "what if" and had to be changed into a documentary on what actually happened, in the face of a large hurricane (one that wasn't even a direct hit, after all!). I feel they focused on the proper areas for a movie not specifically aimed at the death and destruction, but at the wetlands and their importance, without failing to recognize the personal aspects as well. I highly recommend it!
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Visually stunning, topically moving

By bluespoetryman
Written February 10, 2007
We hear the story of the Louisiana bayou country and its ecological importance through the words of several great musicians and some easy to digest geography lessons. It's a well directed piece full of outstanding photography of the bayous with sufficient special effects to explain the effects a major weather system. The ending reunion of missing friends is cheesy but not too bad. I wish this film were longer.
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