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By laurenellengiles
Written March 24, 2014
Have always been a HUGE FAN of the books! I was super excited when the first came out (I went to the midnight premier), and I was even more excited for the second!!! I went to the midnight premier of it, and I had Huge expectations, but it met all of them!!! I am the Hunger Games HUGEST FAN!!! Even if the movies were awful I would still be!!! The movie was fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone!!!!
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Written November 23, 2013
This is a must see film. The acting was really great, Jennifer L makes you feel as if this is all real, Super actress. I think its ok for kids, there are some scenes that a child might get scared, but nothing bad. The ending is amazing, I walked out crying.
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Great "middle" of sequence Movie

By sadysbrig
Written January 04, 2014
This is a great "middle" of sequence movie. The first movie was obviously awesome. And there will be a third since it is a Trilogy. And sometimes the middle movies of a saga can really be boring. This one was really good. Never saw the resolution to the "Games" section coming. Really great writing!! Gives you a resolution to the actions in this movie but leaves you ready for the next one!! I loved it.
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Yes, there is a third movie so you can't miss this one

By ekvegas
Written February 09, 2014
and the set up is perfect. The only disadvantage is you need the first one to understand the second one. Can't see these out of order or jump in the middle.
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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is an Epic Failure!

By dayao
Written November 25, 2013
Not much should be expected from this latest installment of "The Hunger Games" since the so called "novels" from which it is derived are mainly designed for the brain dead illiterates who wouldn't know real literature if it bit them in the head. But this film, which is at least an hour too long for its meager subject matter, is an insult to even its target audience, a convoluted, poorly photographed, badly acted mess. As for the author Suzanne Collins' so-called unique vision of a futuristic society, pardon me if I find it impossible to believe that regular folks will allow themselves to become cattle living in communes while those in power with all the education and wealth choose to live their lives living in replicas of a Miami Beach Hotel wearing Elton John's discarded wardrobe.
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