What's All The Fuss About?

By spamtrap
Written April 21, 2009
One reason I didn't like this film is the poor audio quality and no subtitles to read. There's this scene where Michael Fassbender as Bobby Sands sits at a table with a reverend and talks long enough to smoke three cigarettes. The Irish accents and poor audio quality prevented me from understanding about 95% of the dialog. Another reason I didn't like this movie is that it seemed to take about 40 minutes worth of material, and stretch it out to 96 minutes. The third main reason I didn't like this film is that it doesn't give you much background about the IRA. Sort of like an extended episode of Oz, "Hunger" tells the story of imprisoned men who murdered and injured others in the name of freeing Northern Ireland from British rule. However, they refused to acknowledge their criminal status; instead demanding status as "political prisoners." The IRA was considered a terrorist organization, and dissolved in 2008. Were the events of the film all pointless?
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