John Garfield Violinist

By Koali
Written April 28, 2012
John Garfield - It's his movie really. His mother( Joan Chandler) and father (J Carroll Naish) provide the American basic story foundation of who work and work to give their children the best life and have done so successfully. Joan Crawford is good here - but not as dramatically interesting because she is so rich and can be very small to people because of it.. And she drinks - they make sure we know this character is drinking all the time. Every one connected to the violinist is well cast and interesting. I see Bobby Blake too, so cute as a young Paul Boray. Just wonderful classical violin pieces played richly in proper settings throughout the movie. Oscar Levant - genius pianist with his trademark wisecracks and sensitive listening and reacting makes it a pleasure to watch. Melodramatic and a bit of a boring ending. But good thoughtful acting by all.
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