Hulk Synopsis
Scientist Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) transforms into a powerful brute after his experiment goes awry.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Awful just plain intensely, awful...


By RockRocksRap90
Last two ratings were retarded this movie was great. Your obviously not comic book fans or super hero-types. So you two go back to watching the little mermaid and playing with babie dolls because you...


By cool_man55

Ed Norton Hulk Is Better

By Scoot M16
Don't hate on Ang lee man, he's made to of the most groundbreaking movies ever made, and he didn't ruin Heath you ******* idiot, he made Heath. I just saw BB Mountain a few days ago and it was awsome....


By randomskill
Waste of money, dont see it. The graphics were horrible, who wasted their time even making this movie anyways?...

hulk stupid:/

By jakehenry23
It was confusing and hard to concentrate during this movie:/...

By ronmeri28


By Mark Matlock
Worst movie of all time. I want to **ck up whoever did this movie. This movie was full of bad script, bad acting. So for the people who said this was a good movie shut the hell up and have a nice...

Better than what most people give it credit for

By josh 2367
An interesting movie with great action and dramatic depth....


By Donkeents
If you reading this review and trying to decide whether or not to see Hulk, then let me just save you some time. This is one of the worst movies of all time. If you actually spend the money for...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sci-Fi Action Violence, Brief Partial Nudity and Some Disturbing Images
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Common Sense Media says The Hulk lacks personality; not a great movie.
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