Great movie for everyone

By housewench
Written November 29, 2011
We enjoyed Hugo in 3-D. Sitting close to the screen makes the 3-D effect look better! This movie was entertaining for middle aged adults, but would have been fine for anyone. Great message, cool effects, fun movie.
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By Vonnie1964
Written November 28, 2011
Are you kidding me? This movie was, in our opinion, pretentious, self-important, and above all as boring as all get out. If I had sat and played with my Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces doll from my childhood for 2 hours I would have been more entertained. As we left the theater we heard at least 2 other couples say that they wished those last 2 hours of their lives back. We feel the same!
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A children's film for intelligent people

By chrislharris
Written December 24, 2011
Scorsese has made a film that will delight both children and adults who have the brain turned on during this movie, but also earns it's emotional moments as well.
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By Sufimaster
Written November 24, 2011
I wasn't at all sure what to expect from Hugo and what I saw ultimately was a sweet, heart warming, story that took its time to tell. Being a Scorsese fan this gendre was a complete 180 degree change from his standard bill of fare. The movie was crafted with a pallet of wonder and a masters's brush. It was visually stunning. I found it to be a draggy at times, however when it made its point the wait was worth while and it touched my heart.
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Fantastic 3D effects

By suemarie
Written March 10, 2015
This movie was not what I expected. It's not so much about a boy and a mechanical man as it is about making movies. There are some breath taking scenes, but the movie on the whole was not. Small kids will probably get antsy, the movie is a little too long.
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