Hugo a disappointment

By eastofdurango
Written November 26, 2011
I felt this movie was too slow moving and drawn out and had a less than stellar ending. By the movie's end I w so ready for it to be over.
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One Lame Movie

By larry knows best
Written December 02, 2011
This is the lamest move I have seen in years. It's dumb, boring, and agonizingly slow paced. If you have to go, sit near an might want to bale.
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A must see in 3D

By jomuyo
Written December 20, 2011
This may be the first movie that actually makes a case for 3D being a legitimate story telling technique instead of just a gimmick. The 3D effects of other films (including Avatar) were beautiful, but I still felt that I could be happy with there 2D versions. Hugo was the first film that I would consider buying a 3D TV to watch it on. Scorsese's use of 3D is indeed unique. It adds a lot of depth to the movie so that you fill like you are there with Hugo. The 3D effects fit in so naturally in to each scene of the movie that you eventually don't notice it. The open scene where the camera flies through the crowded train station is a great example of this. Besides the 3D, the story is terrific, and each scene is beautifully acted. It is also interesting that the plot includes the discussion of the magic of the very first movies. At the same time viewers are watching the movie though a new evolution of movie making. All and all, this movie is well on its way to winning a few Oscars.
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By Connie-1
Written November 25, 2011
About an hour too long and desperately boring. My children are 12 and 17, so they were able to sit through it. Younger kids would have been pitching a fit 10 minutes into it. Moviemaking quality was very good, but not worth the price of the tickets for sure. Sorry, I was really excited to see this movie, and hugely disappointed :(
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By angeles333
Written November 24, 2011
I LOVED it... What more can I say? I was transported to a different world and the film took its time getting anywhere which in this fast paced world can be highly enjoyable to take your time Apparently the San Francisco Chronicle reviewer didn't agree with me. His opinion was that kids could not sit through it and the director was being to artsy and drew the story out too long. My advice is him: Don't take a toddler or a child with ADD to this film My 7 and 10 year old boys loved it. Also maybe this particular reviewer can't sit still himself. I would recommend to him to stop reviewing movies and just watch.action movie trailers instead. That's probably more his speed!
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