Intriguing and Well Made

By alohadonna
Written September 27, 2016
Not knowing what to expect, having read the "must go" tags in the Fandango, we got the tickets. I concur with Michael Medved's rating of 4 out of 4 stars. NOT a young children's film. I'd say it's good for 12 and over. Spectacular effects must be seen in 3D.
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By rfod2256
Written December 08, 2011
This is a wonderful film on so many levels. The underlying story of family unfoldes around the great history of the coming of the cinema age with Les Freres Lumieres and George Melies. (Took me back to my UCSB film history days!) "Hugo" has something for every age.
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By jwelch5742
Written December 11, 2011
It was excellent film . It got great film editing, cinematography, art direction, costume design, screenplay, and wonderful original score.
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Only in 3D!

By bouchie739
Written November 24, 2011
I took my 13 year old and 6 year old to see it the day before Thanksgiving, We saw the movie in 3D. The 3D effects were REALLY good, but the movie itself was boring. I fell asleep twice. Its more like a historical story of how motion picture came about. Some people will like it, I'm sure. My kids said they liked most of it until the last 30 minutes. Me, I fell asleep 30 min into it and again towards the end. It is a nicely made and pretty to look at movie. The acting is great. Its just boring.
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It's got children in major roles, but Hugo is not for children

By jamwam
Written November 26, 2011
Hugo is a wonder world of cinematic inventions, some new and some lovingly derivative of past cinema masters. The period is between the World Wars when Paris was marble, steel, gears, cranks, heavy metal keys, spiral stairs and clocks with two hands. Great 3D fodder. It's cold and snowing outside the Gare Montparnasse train station, but inside Gjango Reinhart has a gig and people dance in the lounge. A war-wounded station Inspector is a bully with a crush. The well groomed white-haired old man seems to be dozing in his toy store. The grimy orphan in short pants keeps every station clock wound and precise while he pursues his passion to revive a found legacy, a mechanical man. Flashbacks to the earliest days of film making are magical. Hugo is a truly beautiful work of art about its Art. The 3D adds a lot to it too. Thanks Marty!
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