Scorcese at his Best!

By paradiddle
Written November 27, 2011
Just a wonderful movie. It was filled with emotions and time to reflect. The sidebars were charming. I would not be surprised to see OSCAR come a calling!
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WAKE UP! The Movie's Good.

By sak473
Written December 05, 2011
Yes - the movie develops over time, so you need to have the ability to pay attention. However, it's worth the time and effort to do so. Don't see this movie if you (1) have ADHD, (2) want to see things blown up, (3) want to hear things blown up at decibel levels that shred your eardrums, or (4) enjoy movies that favor action over a story and character development. See this movie if you (1) are looking for a movie with an enjoyable story, (2) like watching characters unfold and develop over time, and (3) appreciate well-crafted cinematography and film-making.
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Hugo is visually stunning

By Shir-dog
Written November 27, 2011
Hugo is a film that everyone, no matter what age, can and should see, particularly in 3D. It is visually stunning and uses 3D technology to the fullest. It is also a homage to Paris in much the same way that Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" was, with the beauty of that city fully displayed. The acting was wonderful and the plot new and interesting. Scorsese is a master film maker of our time and while his films are sometimes brutal, this one exhibits a kind of tenderness and charm that we seldom see in his work. Sasha Baron Cohen was superb as the station inspector, Ben Kingsley was great and it was a surprise to see Christopher Lee and Jude Law in what were essentially cameos.
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By crankyoldman
Written November 26, 2011
Extraordinarily beautiful and moving, Hugo is also a bit long-winded and flat at times. That being said, it's worth seeing for the craftsmanship alone. The performances are uniformly excellent, particularly the characters of the forgotten film pioneer, George Melies, and the fictional boy, Hugo Cabret. It's also a very sweet and innocent story. The tone itself feels like something from another time and is refreshingly out of synch with the snarkiness and innuendo you find in a lot of children's movies today.
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Hugo Genius

By sloblonde
Written November 25, 2011
The story was excellent, premo example of how Hollywood can dish out a great story, visual effects, great acting w/o sex, drugs, profanity. If the Director doesn't get best picture awards at Oscars I will be highly disappointed. A movie for all in a family.
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