An experience not to be rivaled!

By wakeuplaughing
Written February 20, 2011
Went with my family to see this. We left as different people after viewing this. For us, this was the closest thing to being out in the universe and traveling through the stars, star factories and galaxies! We were absoulutely riveted to our seats! This would probably rate No. 1 on our top list of movies that must be experienced. If you want to see how ridiculous all the human drama and pathos seem when looking back at the earth from the distant reaches of space, this is it! Definitely puts the big picture front and center of life, causes one to realize what has the truer value in the larger scheme of things, and to realize your own beautiful part in it. Least it did for us! By the way, my mom has Alzheimers, and this provided such a fantastic and memorable experience for her that she is still talking about how happy it made her weeks later! And she doesn't remember much of anything past an hour.
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hubble 3-d

By tennisman1000
Written August 16, 2010
excellent photography. i enjoyed the imax view. well written and produced.
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By scat281640
Written July 22, 2013
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