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Five Word Review

By nadaylern
Written March 27, 2010
exciting wonderful funny cute great
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IMAX 3D Flying is worth the money!

By cap98cody
Written March 31, 2010
If you get a good seat and the flying scenes are good, the exprerience is amazing. The rest of the movie was good too. Good characters and storyline. Bring the kids!
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Theater full of Kids

By tobiasthorne
Written March 27, 2010
We went to an 11am showing, we got there 15 minutes early and the theater was packed full of kids. The auditorium was noisy as parent tried to settle their kids. They chattered all the way through previews and then the movie started. Within minutes the entire theater was silent, and stayed that way through the whole movie. The animation was good but reminded me of other kids movies I'd seen. The basic story line has been done before but where this movie really shines is its dragons. Yes, they are frilly and bumbely and kid consumable, but thats not to say they aren't DRAGONS. I absolutely loved the main dragon character, from the beginning it reminded me of Stitch, of Lilo and Stitch, without all the cutesy. With the Imax3D, they achieved many ...WOW... moments with flight that I am very happy I plaid what we did to go see the movie. Makes me sad I missed the opportunity to go see a certain 3 hour long movie with blue people in it. If you can see a 3D movie in Imax3D - DO IT!
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My Dragon Eats My Homework, How Can I Stop This Behavior?

By ggoloby
Written April 18, 2010
Really enjoyed the film. Great animation, excellent graphics, fantastic story. The characters are all very enjoyable. Would suggest this film to anyone and everyone, go see
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Five Word Review

By mhawki02
Written April 05, 2010
Dream Works does it again
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