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Love How To Train Your Dragon

By nancytinkerdaisy
Written April 19, 2010
This was a really cute story about a misfit boy among the Vikings. He wasn't like the rest of them; but as the story progresses he starts to find his own nitch, befriends an injured dragon and eventually solves the town dragon problem. Be yourself and don't try to fit into what other peoples think you should be. The 3D was magnificent and the color was super. I highly recommend.
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Worth the money

By mbrych
Written April 12, 2010
How to Train Your Dragon was a wonderfully written movie! It was funny not only for the children in the theater but also for the adults. They also incorporated some great flight scenes which anyone who is into flying will love. I also loved how the story was not entirely predictable. This is a great movie for children of all ages. I personally took my three children who range in age from 14 to 10, and every one of them loved it. We saw it in IMAX3d which I also highly recommend.
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Toothless In The House

By ChicagoCableGuy
Written April 14, 2010
Thought it woould be good, got more than I expected. The kids aged 10 to 4 all had a ball! The funny things is almost every adult I know enjoyed the movie too! Was special and worth every extra penny to see it in IMAX.
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Five Word Review

By shoumyo
Written April 25, 2010
Excellent mix tension dream humanity
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How to train your dragon

By Moovynut
Written April 28, 2010
I thought the movie was excellent. They have come a long way with 3-D and the I-Max experience was fantastic. I really liked the story line. This is a great movie for all ages although small children could be frightened by the great dragon towards the end.
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