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Five Word Review

By nadaylern
Written March 27, 2010
exciting wonderful funny cute great
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One Awesome (Family) Movie

By sjpratt3
Written April 26, 2010
Seeing it in 3D was absolutely incredible. It was so good, I know it would have made my wife sick, with all of the flying, spinning, dipping, and soaring. But even more imporantly, it was a great AND SAFE family movie. I took my daughter and her friend. I never had to worry about any suggestive themes or language. It was good clean fun.
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By FunnyGuy1969
Written April 26, 2010
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I have seen the movie twice: Once on the regular screen in 3D and then in IMAX 3D. The movie is fantastic, great special effects and a great story. If I could afford it, I would see it again and again. As far as the IMAX experience was concerned, I wasn't any more impressed with the movie than the regular screen. To me, it wasn't worth the extra money for the tickets. I enjoyed the movie just as well on the standard-sized movie screen.
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Five Word Review

By djreams
Written April 27, 2010
just a great family movie
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How to train your dragon

By taylorjogirl
Written April 25, 2010
Loved this movie it was very entertaining for the kid's age's 8-10 years old but I know my 4 year old would have loved it as well.....My husband and I really enjoyed it ourselves..We saw it on an imax 3d screen which made it even more exciting
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