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Five Word Review

By CCTom
Written March 26, 2010
charming amazing beautiful appealing timeless
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it's a very valuable movie!

By yufei0435
Written March 31, 2010
My two friends and I went to watch this movie at the IMAX on Mar 29,2010. after it all of us feel that this movie is very very intersting and affecting.your ticket is worth!
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How to train your child to love dragons!!!

By brent1122
Written March 28, 2010
This movie was excellent!!! Following in the tradition of the movie Up as a film that is more than just a childrens movie. It has a deeper meaning than most animated films and is not short on action either...a must see in 3D for the flying sequences. My dad was a big fan of dragons as am I... and now because of this movie so is my daughter. A must see if you have children...and if you dont have children you will enjoy it anyway.
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How to Train Your Dragon: An IMAX 3D Experience

By movie_mania16
Written June 03, 2010
You need to watch this with your family... a great kids movie... but please watch it in 3D or IMAX
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Great Animantion, Good story

By Gigs727
Written April 05, 2010
Good movie, worth seeing. Only problem is for little kids, 6 and younger, it's loud and a bit violent, so they might be scared. Otherwise, it was a cute story, and had great 3D effects.
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