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Dreamworks works their magic again in this action-packed family film.

By Erudius
Written March 05, 2010
I just got back from a preview of "How to Train Your Dragon" and I have to say it went WAY beyond what I had expected from the trailers. It's definitely one to see. There's a ton of laughs, a great storyline with an actual plot adhereing marvelously to Chekhov's gun and a straight forward reward of an ending with a bite of realism. The 3d render I previewed was done par-excellence in "REAL-D" (disney-style) which made the flight scenes a severe treat for the senses. This movie was so engaging in fact - my daughter watched the whole thing without losing interest... and she's 17 months old! So save a few bucks and whether in 3D or 2D ... get the family out to see this one!
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Fantastic! Dreamworks best movie yet...

By TheBostonTerrier
Written March 21, 2010
How To Train Your Dragon was a wonderful surprise...I was glued to my seat. This is a story with a huge heart and action to match. The 3D is amazing, especially in the flying scenes where the cinematography is just gorgeous. The audience I saw it with (all adults by the way) laughed out loud and actually cheered boisterously they were so into it. A nice little unexpected twist at the end too. Get out and see this one; take the kids, take your girlfriend...whatever...just go see it!
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very good movie

By tatnkudzu
Written August 24, 2012
this movie has inspired my 2 girls to draw dragons . really good we love it.
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By EquestrianLover
Written May 18, 2013
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Five Word Review

By iscorpio
Written December 27, 2010
Great movie adventure for everyone
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