How To Survive a Plague

By mullinobud
Written April 26, 2017
Outstanding documentary on the early responses to the HIV/AIDS Crisis. How the gay community took the reins and addressed the problem when the leaders of the country would not. Definitely a "MUST-SEE" film. Bring your handkerchiefs.
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One Of Those "Must See" Documentaries

By WooferBearATL
Written May 26, 2016
I have to say... I had not heard about this movie until I heard about it on the Derek & Romaine Show... And I'm really glad that I did. I grew up in the 80's... I remember when they used to give daily counts as to those infected on the news.... It seems oh so long ago. But really, it was not. The fact that we actually have all these archival footage's is absolutely amazing. It' has allowed those that were at the forefront to tell their stories long after they all passed... and passed too young. This is a reminder... 1) This Battle is not yet won... We will win it and we will win it with the determination that those before us showed. 2) It's a reminder that the Government is "We The People." If we don't like how the Government is handling things (and this movie reminds me how much I hate Ronald Reagan) then it is upon us to not only insist but demand the changes. ActUP....
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Raw Energy

By chirecho
Written June 30, 2015
Amazing, humbling, profound, inspiring, moving, empowering. Just a few words to describe this film. David France takes you to the front lines of the war on AIDS from 1987-1994. Watching in the theater, I felt like as if I were there sitting in the Act Up meetings, marching in the street protests, and mourning alongside the activists as the body count ran into the millions. HTSAP will fill you with incredible anger, sadness, and yes, pride. Larry Kramer's fiery, off-the-cuff "Plague" speech as Act Up was facing internal conflict was -- well, you just have to see it for yourself. "Act up! Fight back! Fight AIDS!"
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