How to Grow a Fan

By twinspirals
Written April 15, 2012
Great story about the rise of an amazing band. Fans of Punch Brothers should love the intimate behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with musicians like John Paul Jones (of Led Zepplin), and beautiful footage of Punch Brothers playing "Blind Leaving the Blind" at various venues. Those who don't know the band might fall in love (as I did) and rush to listen to everything they've ever made. This film is for music aficionados, lovers of the arts, anyone who's ever been heartbroken, and anyone moved by new beginnings. And unlike many movies about musicians, it's easily an all ages show. It shows the amazing hard work and dedication that goes into being a "rock star" without the drama & self destructiveness for which musicians are notorious. Could be a great film to bring the budding musician in your life.
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How to Grow a Band - excellent documentary

By LukeStuartStar
Written April 15, 2012
This is an excellent movie. Moving. Emotional. Fun.
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